Animal Rights: Mahatma Ghandi, “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to…”

I hold that the more helpless a creature the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of humankind.”
Mahatma Ghandi

Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist, who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India’s independence from British Rule, and in turn inspire movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahātmā, first…

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Animal Rights: Pramil Singh, During World Wars l and II, wartime food restrictions…

“During World Wars I and II, wartime food restrictions that virtually eliminated meat consumption in Scandinavian countries were followed by a decline in the mortality rate (by ≈2 deaths/1000) that returned to prewar levels after the restriction was lifted
Pramil Singh

Who is Pramil Singh?

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Director, Center for Health Research

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